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Congratulations to Dori on her 2019 Freedman Prize Honorable Mention from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation!


Interns present their data to the lab!

2019 summer undergraduate interns Tete Brenda Thomas and Meggan Mwangi spent 8-10 weeks in the Schafer laboratory working on microglia-related projects and presented their findings on July 25th.

Gunner et al., is out now in Nature Neuroscience June 17, 2019!

DOI: 10.1038/s41593-019-0419-y.



Congratulations to Georgia Gunner for being selected by the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences program as the outstanding mid-thesis research awardee for 2019! Well deserved! - May 2019

The following paper is in press with Nature Neuroscience. Congrats to Georgia and everyone involved!

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Sensory lesioning induces microglial synapse elimination via ADAM10 and fractalkine signaling

Authors: Georgia Gunner, Lucas Cheadle#, Kasey M. Johnson#, Pinar Ayata, Ana Badimon, Erica Mondo, M. Aurel Nagy, Liwang Liu, Shane M. Bemiller, Ki-Wook Kim, Sergio A. Lira, Bruce T. Lamb, Andrew R. Tapper, Richard M. Ransohoff, Michael E.  Greenberg, Anne Schaefer and Dorothy P. Schafer*


Anya Song has joined the lab as the newest graduate student - Welcome!

- April 2019

Yankee Swap at annual Schafer Lab holiday party - December 2018


We welcome new postdoc Travis Faust to the lab!

- November 2018


Schafer Lab goes on their annual Fall apple picking adventure! - October 2018



Congrats to graduate student Georgia Gunner who was recognized for successfully completing her qualifying exams earlier this year!

- September 2018





Graduate student Erica Mondo was awarded the NIH/NRSA T32 innate immunity training grant for the second year in a row.  Congrats Erica!

                  - August 2018

Schafer Lab takes a trip to Six Flags New England - June 2018

We say goodbye to Anoushka and welcome to Shannon who is starting as a new research technician - June 2018


Congrats to Georgia Gunner on passing her qualifying exam! - April 2018


We welcome Jonathan Jung as a new research technician to the lab! February 2018

Congrats to Dr. Schafer and her family on the birth of their beautiful baby girl!

Welcome Avery!

Welcome Avery!


Liam is excited to be a big brother!

The Schafer lab celebrates the holidays with a Yankee Swap and some bowling (accompanied by the Byrne lab)! - December 2017

The Schafer lab goes apple picking! - October 2017

We welcome Amanda Kautzman as a new postdoc in the lab! - October 2017


MD/PhD student Philip Feinberg was awarded the predoctoral clinical and translational sciences training grant.  Congrats Philip! - October 2017

Recipient of Adelson Medical Research Foundation Funding - October 2017


Graduate student Erica Mondo was awarded the T32 innate immunity training grant.  Congrats Erica! - September 2017

Graduate students Erica Mondo and Philip Feinberg are recognized for successfully completing qualifying exams earlier this year! Congrats to both Erica and Philip! - September 2017

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Recipient of R21 from NIMH - September 2017




Recipient of RO1 - July 2017